¿cómo conseguir el código puk movistar venezuela?

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When you sign up for a mobile line with Movistar, or any other mobile operator, you get a plastic or cardboard card that contains, in turn, a SIM card. This card will be used for your smartphone, tablet or other compatible device to access the Internet via mobile data. And to protect that SIM card, it has two codes: the PIN code and the PUK code. But if you forget them, how can you recover your PIN and PUK code?

You may have lost the plastic or cardboard card that came with the SIM card you use in your smartphone or tablet. Over time it’s easy to lose it in a move or when throwing away old paperwork or old bills. If so, don’t worry. Movistar has your PUK code and can provide it to you if you need it. Once the PUK code is entered, you will need to set up a new PIN code.

But let’s take it one step at a time. One way to check or retrieve your Movistar PUK code is through the My Movistar app. With this application, available for iPhone and Android, you can manage your contracted products and services, invoices, consumption, etc.

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First we will see what exactly is the PUK code and what is it for, and then we will give you some hints on how to find yours. We will give you the guidelines, but keep in mind that the process may vary from one operator to another.

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The PUK code, on the other hand, you do not need to use it on a daily basis, but only when the SIM is blocked because you have entered the wrong PIN three times. In this case, the PUK code serves as a master key to bring the SIM back to life, although in return you must find the original PUK code.

Do you need the PUK code? Here’s what you can do to get it. Note that as an exceptional security measure, it is not a code that is easy to obtain. There are basically two main ways to get it: from the original SIM card package and from your carrier.

The easiest way to get the PUK code is usually from the original package the SIM card came in. The PUK code is not printed on the SIM itself, which would invalidate its security, but is usually printed on the card that usually contains the SIM card.

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This code is generally longer than the PIN. It is important to mention that you have a maximum of 10 attempts to enter the correct PUK. Once this amount of errors is exceeded, the SIM card will be blocked forever, that is, there will be no way to unlock it after this (not even with the correct PUK code) and therefore it will be unusable.

There are two ways to get your Movistar PUK code, the first is on the same card from which you removed the SIM, the second is through direct contact with Movistar Customer Service. The way to access each of these consultation modalities is as follows:

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-Movistar Customer Service: you can also request the PUK code through Movistar Customer Service. To do so, you can call toll free and at any time at 01 800 888 8366, or from a Movistar line at *611. When you are among the options to request the PUK, you will probably be asked personal questions to corroborate that we are the owners of the line and that, therefore, we have the ability to unlock the use of the equipment.

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The PUK is associated with a SIM card and cannot be modified. It is quite often that we forget or lose this code and have to think about how to get the Movistar PUK. The operator offers several ways to recover the Movistar PUK.

The unlimited data of some Movistar tariffs are a great attraction for many users. Surfing the net without time limit is a great attraction. That is why in Movistar you will find tariffs with unlimited gigabytes for your mobile alone or within the Fusion packages and you can always hire an additional line with unlimited data to add to your Movistar products.

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