¿cómo desactivar el servicio dicta sms de movistar?

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With Vodafone’s Dicta SMS service, callers can leave a message in case you do not answer their call. The service is free and you can deactivate Dicta SMS at any time and at no cost from My Vodafone or by phone call.

Vodafone’s Dicta SMS option is a service that allows you to receive unanswered calls as text messages while you were busy, out of coverage or with your mobile turned off. In this way, Vodafone and Movistar users can leave you a voice message that you will receive as a text message via SMS.

Vodafone offers this service so you can keep up to date with unanswered calls, and with Dicta SMS you will not miss anything and you can get back in touch with the person who was trying to talk to you.

If the person who wants to contact you listens to the voice and decides to go ahead with the call, you will hear a sound after which you can start recording the message. If it is a long message, you will receive up to 3 SMS so that you will not miss anything of what he/she wanted to tell you.

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Avoiding bill surprises, either in our own bill or in the caller’s bill, is in our hands. To do this, we must first know the services that we have activated with our mobile lines. In the case of Movistar dictated messages, the surcharge will be made to the person who calls us and we cannot attend him/her. What are Movistar dictated messages? Movistar explains the service as follows: “Sometimes, you are neither available nor have the mailbox activated. You can be out of coverage, turned off, communicating, you can reject a call or not pick it up. Then, if a Movistar or Vodafone cell phone calls you and leaves you a voice message, we convert it into text so that you can read it”.

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Basically, if a person calls us and we do not have voicemail activated, they will be given the possibility to record a message. The operator will automatically convert it to text and send it to us. Not only will you receive an SMS with the message, but the caller will also receive a copy of the SMS sent to you, so that they know what you have received. Voicemail allows other people or users to leave us messages when we are not answering. But what Movistar’s dictated messages do is that we don’t have to have voicemail activated to receive messages if we don’t answer the phone. Instead, we will receive it transcribed. We do not have to listen to anything or have the mailbox activated to listen to the message we have pending, but basically we will receive an SMS with the transcribed text of what that person has said. We can’t always play audio and listen to a message, so this will help us to know what they wanted without the need to use headphones, for example. SMS converted to text from callers will be received in case of:

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If it tells you that call options is not available on your line or the service does not work, because it usually gives many errors, the best thing to do is to switch to the call. By call We can also do the following on our own cell phone in case we do not have the application installed, we do not want or we can access the internet or simply we have not registered in My Vodafone and do not want to do it.

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Deactivate Dicta SMS Once you have figured out how to deactivate the Vodafone Redial service, it is time to indicate how you can deactivate the Dicta SMS service that you no longer want to have or have not requested and, of course, do not want to pay. If you have seen on your bill charges for this service, or you have realized that you have it activated, find out how to get rid of it. With the mobile To deactivate Dicta SMS we have the possibility to do it through the Vodafone application for all its customers, by doing the following:

¿cómo desactivar el servicio dicta sms de movistar? 2022

There may be users who do not know the dicta SMS and, therefore, do not know what its real function is. If you are one of them, we explain it to you. The dicta SMS is a service that is available on most Vodafone and Movistar mobile devices and allows you to receive voice messages in text message format. This means that if we are called and we cannot answer the call, the person making the call will have the option of leaving a voice message for the recipient, i.e., we receive it in the form of an SMS.

SMS dictation could be compared to voicemail, which allows your contacts to leave you a voice message when your cell phone is turned off or out of range. But it is not the same service. In fact, SMS dictation is only available when you do not have your answering machine activated. It is also different when it comes to accessing messages, since when the user wants to listen to voicemail messages, he or she must voluntarily access the service. However, voice messages transformed into text messages through dicta SMS are received automatically.

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